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My Favorite Sci-Fi Ideas

In the the frenzy of adulthood and people-pleasing, my love for Science fiction was almost lost.  I feel sad to admit that I didn't watch 2001: A Space Odyssey till very late.  Movies that reignited my sci-fi romance include Inception, Interstellar and 2001, while movies like Arrival and Contact fueled the fire that now has me hooked to the sci-fi genre.

This Genre, in essence, portrays magic while trying to explain the premise in the most scientific way possible, and in my opinion is an impressive feat to achieve.  Making the movie Interstellar as scientifically accurate as possible was harder than just making a visual masterpiece.  Sci-Fi gives almost a religious feeling to its followers, which is why Elon Musk enjoys such a cult fandom, he's trying to make sci-fi a reality.  When the humans landed men on the moon, it inspired a whole generation to achieve greatness.  It's unfortunate we did not do anything so great since then.

Here are my favorite Sci-Fi ideas that have captured my imagination:

1.  Human settlements on Titan: 40% bigger than our moon and the second largest natural satellite in the Solar System, Saturn's moon Titan has enamored astronomers due to it's beauty, complex chemistry and a possibility of the existence of microbial life.
Although Mars is easier to reach than Titan, Titan harbors the ingredients for life in the form of complex organic molecules.  Also Saturn looks beautiful from Titan, it's a view to behold.  But it would strictly be a no-smoking planet because of the huge methane lakes.  Check out the video for an artist's rendition.

2.  Humans in a Matrix:  Although unsettling, there's a high probability that humans are living inside a simulation in the laboratory of a scientist, perhaps God.  Musk famously said stated at the Code Conference last year that the probability of us being in a base reality is one in a billion.  Basically we are pet animals in someone's zoo.

3.  Humans are forever:  This idea dictates that not so far in the future (may be 500 years from present) humans will become immortal, and reproduction would cease to be the most basic of instincts.  We may be able to freeze our biological clock at a certain age, say 25 for everyone, or even better; People will get to choose the age they want to be at forever.  `Forever 16` will literally be a reality!  Recent developments in the science of ageing has indicated that it is more a disease and could be treated likewise (beware, insurance companies).

4.  Their Contact and Arrival:  I hypothesize that humans will be able to contact Extra Terrestrial (ET) intelligence far superior to us.  The possibility makes me happy like a child in an ice-cream factory.  Although prominent scientists have warned against advertising our presence to the 'aliens', who may or may not be friendly, the risk is worth taking.  My favorite conspiracy theory in this regard is that many of the World's governments already have a contact with ETs from a dozen planets, but are not divulging the secret till humanity is ready for it.
Good luck SETI!

5.  Free Energy Forever:  Humans will break the Fusion conundrum by 2050, resulting in an unlimited supply of free energy forever!  No more load-shedding and nagging for switching the lights off.

6.  Armageddon: Although a bleak one, this is on the list because it's the most likely to happen.  One of the answers to the famous Fermi's Paradox is that advanced civilizations destroy themselves before becoming a Type III Civilization.
The causes of destruction could range from a disease carrying mutant bacteria to mutual annihilation due to wars.  Looking at humanity's past, a self-inflicted genocide is very credible. WW3 with a tinge of nuclear war could wipe out intelligent life from earth for good.  Intelligent life on earth has only been capable of sending signals out in the space for the past 100 years, less than a blink of an eye in the evolutionary timeline.
It's very highly probably that during the 7 Billion years that the universe has been relatively stable, many civilizations attained intelligence but vanished due to Gamma Ray Bursts (Video Below) or Climate Change due to indiscriminate use of resources (Just like we might go).

And there are many more as it's only limited by imagination.  Comment with your favorites.  


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