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Thoughts on Quantum Weirdness - Part Uno

Einstein loathed the very idea of quantum mechanics.  He famously stated 'God does not play dice!' (More on that a bit later.)  Quantum weirdness spooked; he could not accept its implications since some of them conflicted with his theory of general relativity.  I don't blame him, since more than a century later, the brightest minds are still trying to reconcile relativity and quantum mechanics, despite both being verifiably true! The notion of unifying the two theories is called 'Theory of Everything', and the first person to prove it will likely get multiple Nobels.What exactly is stopping the aforementioned reconciliation, one may ask.  I would be damned if I knew it; as Richard Feynman quoted: If you think you understand quantum mechanics, you don't understand quantum mechanics - Richard Feynman
So what's the problem?  Well, it's complicated and I will attempt to pen down my understanding.  Let's see how…